Gel Pens, My Favorite

If you consult your planner regularly and find that it keeps you organized, then it doesn’t matter what kind of planner or pen you use.

Use a wall calendar, a planner from the dollar store, a hipster PDA, whatever.  As long as you use it, good for you.

As for writing implements, again, as long as you use your planner, have at it.  Write in pencil, ballpoint pens the realtor gives you, felt-tip markers, quill pens, whatever.

However, some of us are more motivated to use our planners if we enjoy using them and accessories that go with them.  I’m one of those people.  That’s why I’m particular about my planner, and about what I write with.  I use gel pens, Pilot G-2s in bold to be specific.

Here’s why gel pens are better than other writing implements.

  • Pencils smear.  Gel ink doesn’t.
  • The nibs of felt-tip markers can bend out of shape, and the ink occasionally bleeds.  Gel pens don’t.
  • You might not notice this, but you have to push pretty hard to get ink out of a ball-point pen.  That’s no big deal if you’re writing down a telephone message or a dentist appointment, but if you write a thank-you letter or so your hand will get tired.  Gel ink, on the other hand, glides right on.
  • Fountain pens are impressive status symbols.  How write elegantly they write.  Their nibs can clog, though, sometimes permanently, and they can blot.  Sometimes they’re hazardous.  Even merchants will tell you to be cautious on airplanes.  I forget what, but if cabin pressure does something,  your pen may explode, leaving unsightly ink inside your purse, or on your shirt.  Gel pens do none of those things.

When they go on sale I buy half a dozen or so.  I put all those free ball-points in a drawer.  Nothing but an “emergency” would induce me to write with a ball-point now.

I do have to pay attention when I lend them to people.  They don’t quite realize why, but some part of their brains notices that even though it looks like one of those ubiquitous ball points, this pen feels more comfortable.  Nobody would object if they took a ball-point, would they? Without thinking about it, they slip my pens into their pockets or purses.

I feel cheap when I ask them to give me back my gel pens.  Oh, well.  Gel pens may be inexpensive, but they’re still not as cheap as ball-points.  They’re so much better than other pens that it’s worthwhile to hang on to them.

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