Scotch Expressions Tape

Some planner systems include washi tape.  Not mine.  It looks attractive, but it creates bumps under the pages I’m writing on.

I do have a use for washi tape: marking my office supplies.

Soft-grip binder clips, size large, cost more than a dollar apiece.  When I buy them myself I don’t want my co-workers walking off with them.  That’s why once I’ve found the right accessories I put my mark on them.

Office supplies look alike, right?  I don’t blame my co-workers for picking up my non-bleeding click marker if I lay it down.  And then if they like it it’s natural to hang on to it, thinking it’s “just another pen.”

But it’s not.  I brought it in specially so I could write on a specific surface, or clip a specific set of papers.  I went to the store for it and paid extra for it.  I don’t want you to walk off with it.  Use the company-issue stick ballpoint.  Use a paper clip.  Please leave my stuff alone so I have it when I need it.

Even at home, I like a specific fine-point gel pen for writing checks, and a low-lighter for writing notes in the check register.  Of course another family member is going to grab one of them if he or she needs a pen.  I would, too.

So even though I feel greedy when I do it, I mark my office supplies.  I could write my name on them in little teeny letters, or print labels, but that would be excessive.  Instead, I mark them with decorative tape: Washi tape or Scotch Expressions tape.  If anybody notices, they probably think I have too much time on my hands and like to decorate my office supplies.

It helps, though.  “Aha!” I can say after scanning my workplace.  “There’s my missing binder clip!”  Not that anybody’s ever challenged me, but if they did, I could respond, “Oh, I mark all my office supplies that way.  See?”  They’d back off slowly and chalk it up to my eccentricity.

And that’s okay.

If you’re not familiar with washi tape, here’s what Scotch® says about it:

  • Repositionable on most surfaces
  • Tears cleanly
  • Write on it with pen, pencil or marker
  • Great for decorating, paper crafts and adding a creative accent to almost anything




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