Study abroad thanks to Rotary International

  • Are you still in school but want to explore new places and new cultures?
  • Are you a leader in your community?

You might benefit from a Rotary Youth Exchange.

On a Rotary Youth Exchange program you can live with a family in a different country for a year and attend school there.

There are shorter-term programs (a few days or a few weeks) for students who aren’t bold enough, or don’t have the time, for full-year programs.

The exchanges are organized by local Rotary clubs and the districts they belong to.  Rotary is a worldwide organization.  Members in local clubs work with other clubs to solve problems such as illiteracy and disease.

You can apply for Rotary’s Youth Exchange programs through your local club.  You don’t have to be a Rotary member, or be related to one, in order to participate.

Here’s an explanation of the application process in one Rotary district.  As you see, there are some hard deadlines.  Being able to meet those deadlines is one way to prove that you’re mature enough for the program.  So get out your daily planner now and write those deadlines in it, starting with contacting Rotary as soon as possible.

Here’s more information about Rotary Youth Exchange programs. (The page is for Rotary members, but it has a lot of downloadable information.)

Rotary Exchange programs aren’t just for kids.  I spent a month in Nepal and India as a Rotary Group Study Exchange team member.   I’m grateful to my hosts there for making me welcome in their homes.  The tourist sites were memorable, of course, but what I still appreciate is the insider’s view of workplaces I wouldn’t have seen any other way.

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