Thien-Kim Likes Disc-Bound Planners

Time to start thinking about academic planners, isn’t it?

I still don’t think disc-bound planners are a good idea, but if you like them, please use yours and enjoy.

Thien-Kim likes hers.  She writes

My planner (so far) has monthly calendar pages, daily docket pages, a section for notes (with paper that came with binder), and a section with sketch paper (that I punched for the book).

She and I agree that decorating your planner elaborately might distract you from actually accomplishing  the tasks in your planner.  In her How to Find the Perfect Planner post, she writes

Don’t make it complicated. Sure it’s fun to use different colored ink pens and markers for each type of event or action item, but this will get old very quickly. You’re spending all your time on busy work instead of getting your to do lists done. In a perfect world, everything in my calendar is color coordinated, crossed off when done, and decorated with pretty washi tape. In real life? Scribbles in whatever color ink pen the kids haven’t made off with.


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