Wrap It Up and Leave It in the Car

I’m going to try this one day.

The best gifts don’t come with guilt trips attached.  Once you give someone a gift, you hope the recipient will  appreciate it, but you should leave it up to the him or her to do whatever he or she wants with it.

Unfortunately, a lot of us aren’t that mature yet.

I wish I could remember which book had a solution to the sticky problem of the unwanted gift.  Let’s say that someone you cared about gave you a present that just wasn’t right for you.  You might feel guilty about throwing it away or passing it on to someone else.

The book suggested wrapping it up like a present and leaving it in the back seat of your car with the windows open.

Then if Aunt Mary asked about her gift, you could say, “Oh, dear, Aunt Mary, somebody stole it out of my car!”  Even if she was distressed, she’d be gratified to know that it was so precious to you that you carried it around with you.

If you try this, please let us know how it works for you.


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